DIY Records – Every aspect of home decoration from flooring, wallpaper to oak beam fitting

Here are my DIY records of everything I did to build my new home. Giving DIY a go and building and renovating your own home is a massive undertaking, which is something that I found out very recently. I project manage the entire process, from the laying of the block and beam foundations to decorating the walls with wallpaper to placing shiplap cladding on the outside. There was absolutely no aspect of my home which I didn’t oversee.

I had never done anything else like this before and as such there was a pretty steep learning curve. I did learn a lot though so if I can pass on this information to someone else who will find it useful then I will!

DIY Records – Selecting the right cheap wallpaper direct for your home

One thing that really did have a massive impact on the look and feel of my home was the cheap wallpaper that I managed to source. Now it was important to me that my wallpaper was still a very high quality, this was something that I didn’t want to compromise on, so it really did take me a great deal of time to select the right wallpapers.

DIY records cheap wallpaper

Choosing a cheap brick wallpaper

In the end I decided to opt for a brick wallpaper style because I didn’t want the hassle of actually preparing a brick wall but I really did enjoy the red brick wallpapers look. If you’re looking for discount wallpaper direct from a supplier, I would recommend shopping online like I did, although you can’t physically touch the wallpapers themselves, you can view a much bigger selection and range of wall-hangings.

If you are looking online, you will find a massive price variation but with a bit of shopping around you really can end up with a good deal. The next thing that I had to do though was learn to actually hang the wallpaper, which as you might imagine, is a lot harder than it looks, used paste the wall wallpaper…but that’s a discussion for another post!

Getting a great look with shiplap cladding in your home

I know what you’re thinking, isn’t wooden shiplap cladding for sheds? Well my DIY records show that the answer to that question is no but I’ll forgive you for thinking it! There was a time when I saw shiplap cladding as more of an alpine lodge decoration but after seeing a friends home which a beautiful rich wood covering the outside, I simply had to give it a try in my own home.

Where to put my beautiful shiplap cladding


Now I didn’t want to go overboard and end up spending a fortune on my cedar cladding, so I opted to simply clad a single wall of my home. I chose to put the cladding on the front wall and I have to say, it looks really good. Fixing the pieces of wood themselves was a little to specialist for me, so instead I opted to get a professional in who did an excellent job! All in all I loved it.

Fencing your home with precast concrete fence panels

We bought a substantial piece of land to build our house on and there was no clear divide from the neighboring land, because of this we had to look for a good solid form of fence panels. We looked into using wood for our paneling but eventually landed on using precast concrete fence panels to do the job and we weren’t let down. Now my wife is quite artistic and we were quite keen on not having our precast concrete fence panels just be plain old grey, so instead we painted them with some beautiful murals which make the garden area look really impressive.

Placing the concrete fence panels


What I learned from placing these solid concrete panels myself is the important of using solid foundations for absolutely anything. It wasn’t a matter of simply embedding them into the soft ground because pretty soon we would have had an uneven garden fence which really wouldn’t have looked good. So we ordered some precast concrete blocks and placed them in the ground around half a meter down, this spread the downward force of the fencing panels themselves and made sure that they don’t sway or tip over anytime soon.